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The following minors are offered through the Division of Humanities. For specific course requirements, visit the Academic Minors page or talk to your academic advisor.

Communication Arts
The minor in communication arts provides students with the opportunity to expand their understanding of the communication process and further develop the skill of effectively communicating in oral and written expression

The English minor will be given an overview of how literary analysis, critical thinking and reading, relate to literature and present-day issues.

Fine Art
A Fine Arts Minor is suggested as a complementary course of study to any major where a knowledge and appreciation of art and visual culture would be valuable, such as: Romance Languages, English, Natural Sciences, Business, Philosophy, and Communications. The Fine Arts Minor would also serve the needs of students who wish to experience the joy and discovery of creation in the studio, the give and take of critique, and the rewards of developing a personal sensibility in the arts.

Graphic Design
Effectively producing a traditional printed report, a Powerpoint presentation, or a web site requires more than technology. The computer provides the technique, but the educated and imaginative organization of elements into arresting and compelling communication requires the skills of a trained designer. A Minor in Graphic Design is suggested for any student whose future endeavors may involve the creation or implementation of visual communications. The graphic design minor would complement a major in business, marketing, finance, computer science, criminal justice, communications (television, journalism, etc.), natural sciences, and psychology.

Students who choose to minor in journalism will gain an understanding of broadcast, online, and print media through related courses. The minor offers students the opportunity to develop the skills fitting for a career in field of news media.

Performing Arts
Undergraduate students may earn a minor in performing arts (see requirements below) which includes courses in music, theatre and communication arts. The minor culminates in a final performance project undertaken in the senior year.

Public Relations
Public relations minors gain an understanding of the contribution and responsibility of public relations and communication departments in organizations in both the private and public sectors. They also assess the importance of corporate image through its PR department.

Religious Studies
A religious studies minor introduces students to the study of world religions, allowing students to learn more about sacred texts, traditions, practices, philosophies, and material culture.

Social Media
It is clear that the communications landscape has changed in America and across the globe. According to experts in the field, “The forces of change, coupled with the compression of time between periods of change, are necessitating the development of an entirely new skill set that is unlike anything seen before. This ‘toolkit’ for the future includes competencies driven largely by technological and social change, and will be equally important to individuals, employers and policy makers alike.”

This minor equips students with this “toolkit” and prepares them to work in the new media environment that has been called Web 3.0. However, rather than simply offer limited courses that focus on the specific functions of various social media applications, we have designed a program that exposes students to the deeper connections at the heart of the utility of these applications.

At the core of this program are courses from Marketing and Public Relations because, to most experts, these fields have merged into one nearly-inseparable set of practices, a merger that has been brought about by the use of the new technologies associated with Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Groupon, etc. The courses we have brought together for this program reflect this new media landscape, and offer students the fundamental principles of developing content for a range of contexts using social media platforms, as well the additional skills of computer and web design that make students even more attractive job candidates.

The Spanish minor exposes students to the study and teaching of one of the languages, literatures, and cultures of the Hispanic heritage. The language it represented in the extensive range of courses in language, linguistics, and literature.

A minor in writing engages students in the writing process and promotes their development as writers in academic and pre-professional contexts.



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