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It seems pretty clear that, at this point in human history, the world is becoming a smaller and more interconnected place, and those who study at least one other language will have a significant advantage over those who do not.  Students who choose Spanish as a major develop a deeper understanding of the world around them – and, in addition, acquire Spanish language skills that will be useful in communicating in a nation in which Spanish is growing rapidly.  Spanish majors are well equipped for the modern job markets.  According to a 2006 report of the Committee for Economic Development:
To compete successfully in the global marketplace, both U.S.-based multinational corporations as well as small businesses increasingly need employees with knowledge of foreign languages and cultures to market products to customers around the globe and to work effectively with foreign employees and partners in other countries.
To help prepare you, we offer two tracks: Spanish with a Business Focus and Spanish Language and Literature.

The Spanish with a Business Focus track will allow you to combine your interest in and/or facility with a foreign language with a sequence of selected business courses to create a program that employers desire: someone with a degree and training in the area of business and a sophisticated competency in another language.  It is widely known that all businesses are increasingly global in their approach, and so the need for speakers of foreign languages is on the rise.  This combined major will prepare you to help your future employer compete on a rapidly changing business landscape.

The Spanish and Literatures track will give you the opportunity to combine your interest in and/or facility with a foreign language with your interest in reading and studying the great literature of other cultures. You will take courses which explore the study of literature, language, culture, and linguistics -- valuable concepts that will lead to a development of language proficiency and a discovery of the cultures of areas of the world where these languages are spoken.

Majoring in Spanish
Whether you choose the Business Focus or not, a Spanish Major will prepare you for a variety of career options because it emphasizes:

  • research, writing, and creative and analytical thought 
  • preparation for graduate studies in most professional schools, including law, business, and education, and medicine
  • a solid foundation to become a teacher of Spanish

Study Abroad!
There is no better way to learn the language and appreciate Spanish culture than visiting Spain!  Students at St. Thomas Aquinas College can take courses at prestigious universities across Spain.  This is an easy and exciting opportunity to learn Spanish.
And study abroad can be a life-changing experience.  Immersing oneself in a different culture is the best way to learn a language, as well the culture that speaks it.  Studying in the great cities of Spain – or in any Spanish-speaking country – will expose students to new ways of thinking about the world!

Spanish Culture
Part of the mission of the Spanish program at St. Thomas Aquinas College is to make sure that students see the many connections between language and culture. There are numerous opportunities to appreciate the cultural contributions of Spanish-speaking countries.

Cine Español
The Spanish faculty hosts a series of screenings throughout the year featuring Spanish language films by international directors. An open discussion is held after the screening, with a Q&A session about the film conducted by the Spanish faculty. Check our campus events calendar for a listing of upcoming presentations.

Fiesta Española
The Spanish faculty also hosts a series of concerts highlighting the outstanding musical tradition of Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries.  In addition, the concerts feature our own students and faculty, many of whom are talented singers and musicians, as well as invited professional musicians.

In addition to the specific preparation you can receive from our Spanish with Business Focus Program, one career that many, many of our students over the years have had great success with is teaching.  Our strong Spanish program, combined with our NCATE accredited and renowned School of Education can be the easiest path for you to fulfill a dream of teaching Spanish.
Spanish Language programs are facing a serious teacher shortage all over the NY Metro area.  In fact, over the past five years 100% of all Spanish/Secondary Education majors at STAC were able to get teaching jobs within months after graduation.  And here is the best news: there are numerous grants and loan forgiveness programs aimed at students who major in Spanish! 

Check these out:

Teach New York City

Teach for America

Teach Grant Program 
Students who want to become teachers receive certification for teaching grades 7-12 in our Adolescence Education program. For more information on degree requirements, visit the School of Education page.
More and more businesses work closely with companies in other countries. Corporations need workers who can communicate in different languages and understand other cultures. No matter what career you choose, if you've learned a second language, you'll have a real advantage. A computer technician or a salesperson who speaks Spanish is a more attractive job candidate than someone who knows only one language.

There are lots of Americans who speak languages other than English. No matter what your career interest, you will multiply your chances for success if you speak more than one language.  Professionals in all areas who know other languages are called on to travel and exchange information with people in other countries throughout their careers. Knowing more than one language enhances opportunities in government, business, medicine and health care, law enforcement, teaching, technology, the military, communications, industry, social service, and marketing.  Employers will see you as a bridge to new clients or customers if you know a second language, an asset to their business.   

For more information about what you can do with this major, visit our Career Services website. 
Check out what our alumni are doing with a degree in Spanish!
Gregory Alves '10, Spanish Teacher, North Rockland High School
Lorena Perez '05, Spanish Teacher, Middletown Middle School
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Denize Lauture, Assistant Professor of French
Dr. Gonzalo Plasencia, Professor of Spanish
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