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Welcome! International study provides an excellent opportunity for students at St. Thomas Aquinas College to enhance their learning experience and connect with the global community. Studying abroad introduces you to different cultures, intellectual exchanges and social perspectives, all the while earning college credit. Whether you find yourself studying architecture in Rome, honing your Spanish-speaking skills in Nicaragua or examining the ecology of the Galapagos Islands, we believe that spending a semester or summer abroad is a transformative experience that can enhance a student’s success in an increasingly globalizing world. 

If you have the desire to study beyond the campus of St. Thomas Aquinas College, we are here to help you find the right program. This website offers a brief overview of study abroad opportunities to get you thinking and outlines the application process. In the meantime, we hope you will take time to review the information and links available on this page. For announcements, scholarship opportunities and other happenings, please follow our Facebook page. 

Contact Information
If your are interested in participating in a study abroad program, STAC’s Director of Study Abroad, Dr. Heath Bowen, is available to assist you in the process. His office is in Spellman 105. To schedule an appointment to speak with him, please contact Ms. Monica Caselli, who can be reached through email at or by phone at 398-4185.   

We will offer assistance and advice; however, determining which program and destination best matches your skills and interests is up to you. STAC regularly offers “study beyond” courses that combine classroom-based sessions and a one-week trip to a specific international or domestic destination during the academic semester. Be on the lookout for announcements of these courses. Accompanied by a faculty member, students have participated in courses that have taken them to destinations such as Nicaragua and Pine Ridge, South Dakota. These courses will be properly announced when they become available.

Partnership Programs
Although options and opportunities for studying abroad are far-reaching, past students have immensely enjoyed programs offered through the Lower Hudson Valley Catholic College and University Consortium, especially St. John’s University Global Studies semester programs. 

If you’d like to study in South Korea, you might want to take advantage of STAC’s international student-exchange agreement with Kyung Hee University School of Management.

Other students have enjoyed a Study Abroad Semester at St. Mary’s University in London, England.

Students looking for the opportunity to improve upon or learn a second language might want to explore Education First’s Language Study Abroad programs.  Students can take a free assessment to determine their language level.  Additionally, students can complete an interactive questionnaire that helps suggest an international destination that might suit them.

STAC students have also enjoyed spending a Semester at Sea!

Non-Affiliated Programs
Students with a strong sense of where they want to go have elected to study abroad through non-STAC affiliated programs. To do so, you must follow the appropriate procedures as outlined by STAC’s Study Abroad program.  Please note that while we support your effort, we cannot officially “vouch” for a non-affiliated program in any way. If you are unsure of where to begin looking, here are a few links to assist you in the process:

Application Process
In general, students will need to apply directly to the program of their choice. Before you apply to study abroad, please ensure that you meet STAC eligibility requirements as well as those established by the program to which you are applying. Note that eligibility requirements and application deadlines vary by course and program. 

Academic Plan
Meet with your academic advisor early on in your academic career to discuss your potential interest in study abroad programs. Together, you should determine your course of study and consider the impact of study abroad on your academic goals. For example,

  • In terms of your classes and coursework, what is the best semester to go abroad?
  • What courses taken abroad will count toward your degree?
  • What impact, if any, would studying abroad have on your ability to graduate in four years?

Confirm that you are eligible to study abroad.  Eligible students must:

  • Be enrolled at St. Thomas Aquinas College during the semester prior to participation.
  • Have earned a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA at the time of application and be in good academic standing (no probation of any kind). 
  • Be at least of sophomore standing at the time of departure.
  • Have no incomplete grades and the time of application and departure. 
  • Have a clean student account (no financial blocks).
  • Have a valid passport. 

Choosing a Program
Choose a study abroad program that best suits your interests, educational goals and budget, either online or through a catalog or brochure. 

It is important that you examine and identify the costs associated with studying abroad and carefully consider whether you will be able to pay for your expenses while enrolled in a course or program. Note that some programs are cheaper than others. In addition to tuition costs, administrative fees and non-refundable deposits, study abroad expenses include but are not limited to, travel (including airfare), food, and potential additional boarding costs.

There are scholarship programs that can offset the high cost of studying abroad, many of which are based on location and fields of study. If your study abroad program, home institution or host institutional does not offer a scholarship, you might want to begin your search through the following sites:

Be sure to note application deadlines. Many programs have a rolling admission policy so it is important that you apply as early as possible. 

Course Options and Academic Advisement
Schedule an appointment with the Director of Academic Advisement, Andrea Kraft (Spellman 106; 845-398-4087) to finalize your course selection and determine the placement of those courses into your academic program. When possible, bring a printed course list from the Study Abroad program website to this meeting, including a second choice of scheduled courses in case some courses are not available.

Apply by the program deadline.

  • Complete STAC’s Study Abroad application, including your statement of purpose, and return them to Dr. Bowen’s office. 
  • Go to the program’s website and also apply to it directly.  Complete all applicable forms.  Submit a copy of your application and all relevant materials to Dr. Bowen’s office (Spellman 105).

After you have received your notice and your program acceptance, bring a copy of your signed program acceptance letter to Dr. Bowen as a final step in the application process. 

Financial Aid and Billing
Depending on the program to which you are applying and if you are a financial aid recipient, you might need to meet with a representative from the Office of Financial Aid or Business Office to obtain information regarding billing procedures, tuition, fees, etc.

You are required to register directly with your host institution. Importantly, you will need to apply for a leave of absence from STAC for the duration of your semester abroad. Students who fail to comply with this procedure or that do not qualify for a leave of absence will be withdrawn from STAC and will have to reapply for admissions via the normal process.

You are responsible for the transfer of credits from your host institution.  So please be sure your final course transcript from your term abroad is sent to STAC’s Registrar.  Please keep in mind that grades obtained through a non-STAC affiliated program will not factor into your STAC GPA. 

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